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MW&L Technical Drawings and Policies

The following are policies and drawings intended for home owners and contractor to conform to MW&L specification.

Please see the contractor safety notes at the bottom of the page


 primary line extensions

MW&L has a set standard for new underground installation.  Following the guidelines in the installation packet below can save you time and money when it comes time for your ditch inspection. 


Solar installations

Solar installations are on the rise.  If you are considering a new solar installation, please contact MW&L.  


new house meter

If you are planning to install a new meter socket on your home, please contact us first.  We can assist in the correct placement of a new socket as well as set up an appointment with the service crew for the disconnection of your old service and connection to the new.  We do charge a $30 disconnect and $30 reconnect fee. 


New water service

When installing a new water service on the Morrisville water system, MW&L has some requirements that must be followed. 

Safety notes for Contractors:

  • The National Fire Protection Association standard 70E requires that no unqualified persons shall come within 10' of exposed overhead electrical lines.  That includes lifting, roofing, cutting trees that may fall, and constructing walls or staging within that 10' radius.  If your that close, you need to call us.  Also MW&L does not allow the construction of buildings within its Right of Ways even if  you have received a town building permit. 
  •  Planting trees or shrubs directly in front of transformers or meters is not recommended by MW&L.  If such plantings inhibit MW&L employees from performing regular maintenance, they will be removed at our discretion.
  •  Call before you dig.  MW&L will mark it's own underground utilities, called primaries, which are lines on MW&L's side of the meter socket.   We do not mark customer-owned underground utilities, called secondaries, which are lines on the customer's side of the meter socket.  If you called Dig Safe and there are no markings, feel free to call our office.  If there is no primary underground conductors in the dig area, we may not leave marks.
  • All fuel tanks, whether above or below ground, are required to be 10' away from an electrical source.  That includes overhead lines, underground lines, and meter sockets.  See the Standard
Click the photo to be directed to the Dig Safe web site.

Click the photo to be directed to the Dig Safe web site.