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Public Safety

Keeping You Out of Harm's Way

Power Lines

Downed power lines

Knowing what to do if you come upon a downed power line or a tree that has come into contact with a power line can save your life.   If you have struck a pole or tree and your vehicle has come in contact with the power line STAY INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE AND CALL 911.  Stepping out of a vehicle with power lines on it can cost you your life.

Never assume that a power line on the ground is not energized.  The only safe action is to stay away from wires or trees that may be in contact with power lines and call 911 or your local utility.  For more information on power line safety, please call us.  

Climbing trees near power lines is very dangerous.  Please call us if trees in your area are too close or touching the power lines. 

Emergency number:  802-888-2162

Working near your electric service

Anyone who owns or rents a home knows at some point it will need to be painted, stained, re-sided, or have the roof replaced.   Doing this yourself can be a money-saving venture.  However before you climb up next to the lines that connect overhead to your home, please give us a call.  We will gladly put an insulating cover over the lines to protect you from unintended contact with your service wires.  Handling the lines that power your home requires special safety gear and training.   The National Fire Prevention Association prohibits untrained persons within 3' of electrical services.  On the Contact Us page you will find the form to request your service lines be covered.


Tree felling

Cutting trees is dangerous enough, especially if you don't have the proper personal protective equipment.  When you add the risk of falling a tree on the power line, it is not worth your life.  If you have a tree that you believe is in danger of falling on the power line, or you would like to have a tree removed from near the line, we may be able to help.  MW&L crews may be able to take down these trees for you at no cost if you are willing to clean up the debris.  Also if you cause an outage on the MW&L electric system by dropping a tree or limb on an energized line, you will be charged for the power restoration expense. 

Water leaks

unseen Hazards

Water leaks in the road can present an unseen hazard under the surface. Please contact us if you see water coming to the surface near your village home.

Emergency number:  802-888-2162