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This notice is to inform you that the Village Trustees approved a 10.5% Wastewater usage only rate increase at their May 2, 2016 meeting to become effective with bills rendered in July 2016. Please note, the nonmetered rate will increase 4.5% to account for the usage portion of this charge. This rate increase is required to maintain a cash balance to operate our day to day business as well as to help us move toward a positive net position. When the new Wastewater Treatment facility that was completed in 2009, the Trustees made a conscious decision to run at a net loss to minimize the impact on rates. However at this time the trustees have decided the Wastewater needs to begin to work toward a positive net income. Water & Light staff continues to work jointly with the Town to look for opportunities to increase our revenues by extending our sewer lines and adding new customers. In addition, in 2016 we will begin to monitor the source and strength of the contaminants in the waste water. Keeping the level of contaminants down will help to decrease the expenses of the wastewater department. Collectively, these actions are critical for stabilizing rates. The monthly customer charge rate will continue to remain at the 2014 level.

Jeremy Tatro